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BCI implements technology that gives you the competitive advantageĀ Business Coaching


For most business owners thinking about implementing technology such as Facebook, Pinterest, video, mobile websites and SMS services is something far away from their daily thoughts when running their business. Yet without implementing these technologies and taking advantage of the new modern social network that surrounds us every day you are in danger of losing your business customers to competition that embraces this technology.


Implementing technology does not have to be expensive for consume your time.


BCI offers all of the above technologies at reasonable prices and most importantly our systems are easy to use, easy to maintain and produce real results that result in bottom-line increases in profits, increases in your customers and increases in your customer satisfaction for whatever goods or services you provide.


BCI’s list of technologies and services that will increase your business and customer satisfaction


Modernizing your website can be your first step towards increasing your customer’s image of your business. We offer a robust and comprehensive website design that will allow your customers to explore your business and make it positive decision to patronize your business from either their desktop computer or their mobile smart phone. Did you know that most consumers make a decision about where they will eat, what services they will enjoy by using a smart phone to look for your businesses mobile website.


You will never know how much business you lose when you don’t have a simple mobile website. People make a decision based on finding a businesses mobile website and viewing the services you offer, hours of operation and other details such as menus etc. If your business doesn’t happen to have a mobile website and your competitor does the choice is often made to go to the competition.


Business CoachesBCI offers mobile websites.


Your BCI business coach will review your business and provide you with a quotation on establishing your business with a mobile site. Don’t lose business just because you don’t have a mobile site. Will get your site up and running give you the advantage over your competition.


SMS messaging services.


What would it be like if you could offer your customers the ability to instantly find out information about the goods and services you offer instantly whenever you would like to deliver that message. How do you currently communicate with your business customer? For most businesses the answer isā€¦ They don’t! Well as of right now BCI can offer you a simple to use, highly effective means to communicate with your customers.


Using SMS technology you can offer your customers the ability to subscribe to your very own custom branded SMS service. When they subscribe you can send them SMS messages that will inform them about specials that you’re offering, the events that may be taking place or anything that you like that may draw customers location. It is done easily and efficiently and delivers the message that you want them to see exactly at the right time for them to make a decision to patronize your business.


This technology is inexpensive, effective and will pay for itself hundreds of times over as compared to traditional advertising. Ask your BCI coach today about implementing our SMS technology.


Facebook fan pages


Do you have an effective Facebook fan page? If you don’t you could be losing out on the community aspect that Facebook delivers for local businesses. Our system has been implemented effectively and each and every time has delivered new customers to businesses by utilizing Facebook on a local basis.


Ask your BCI coach today about implementing our Facebook fan page solution. Again it is cost effective in delivering new customers and new revenues to your business.


BCI’s localized niche business directory.Business coaches


Ask your BCI coach if you are business fits into one of our local business directories. Our localized business niche directories allow businesses in a localized geographic location to be found by their local customers and by tourists and people frequenting your area. The difference between a major directory and a localized directory is that you will gain more customers from your localized area because search results and the director he is geared to people that frequent the vicinity of your business.


Directories are forming in new locations all the time. Check to see if the localized directory is available in your area.